What Parents are Saying:

My daughter(Name withheld) has been a loyal playball participant at The Treehouse at King & Spalding for a number of years. She has really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. All of the coaches have been great with her. The fact that she can tell me the name of all of her previous coaches is a testament to how much she liked them and the classes.

My daughter will be going off to kindergarten in August and so this past last day of playball was her last class at The Treehouse. Just this morning, she was talking about the next session starting in August and I had to tell her that she would be in kindergarten then. She got quite sad and "So, I am not going to ever see Coach Brandon again?" I told her that I wasn't sure that she would and that made her even more said. I tell you all that to say that Coach Brandon did a great job and will be missed.

Thank you for providing such a fun and enjoyable class.

What We Do:

Playin' On Purpose!™ portably delivers physically, intellectually and socially proven educational programs that embrace a child's mind, body, and spirit in a safe, nurturing, positive environment – regardless of limitations – geographical, physical, mental, or financial. Teaching through play engages all the senses and immerses a child in invisible learning. Through play, children gain learning experiences that last a lifetime.