About Us

Our Organization

Playin’ On Purpose!™ portably delivers physically, intellectually and socially proven educational programs that embrace a child's mind, body, and spirit in a safe, nurturing, positive environment — Teaching through play engages all the senses and immerses a child in invisible learning. Through play, children gain learning experiences that last a lifetime.

Since 2006 Playin’ on Purpose™ has provided programs based on four educational curriculums that incorporate elements of creative play and physical education with socialization skills to improve early learning and development. It looks like fun, it feels like fun, but there is science behind every move we make. Playin’ on Purpose started with one program in one location. It has grown to four programs, Yoginis, Brainy Builders, Playball, and Brainy Bots, in over 30 locations serving thousands of children. Currently, Playin On Purpose programs are offered in Metro-Atlanta through public and private elementary schools, Pre Schools and Day Care Centers.
Our instructors are all professionals with practical experience in child development. All employees of Playin' On Purpose™ have been carefully selected based on their credentials, experience and leadership skills. Additionally, all employees have passed a background check. There is an 8 to 1 ratio of students to instructors in most classes.

Organizational Goal

Teaching through play engages all the senses and immerses a child in learning. The World of Play is rich in content, with thousands of Dreams, Stories, Subjects and Environments. It provides such a vital role into how we learn and understand what is happening within and around us. Play is the most direct way to build relationships to others. During Playin’ on Purpose™ programs, children create their own examples and understanding of how to live life by being occupied, concentrated and curious.

The need for afterschool programs is enormous. In Georgia, 25% of school age children are responsible for taking care of themselves afterschool. Participation in afterschool programs improves school attendance, math and science skills, and standardized test scores for the attendees. Afterschool programs using evidence-based approaches, like Playin’ on Purpose™ , produce multiple benefits for youth, including improvements in children's personal, social and academic skills, as well as their self-esteem. Playin’ on Purpose™ offers a safe, nurturing environment where these children will be able to grow, learn, and thrive.

Organizational Purpose

Optimal learning occurs when children get the opportunity to explore the world on their own, yet in a guided environment. When children actively construct things in the physical world, it helps them invisibly and significantly build knowledge. This new knowledge enables them to create even more sophisticated solutions, yielding more skills, more knowledge, and more challenges in a self-reinforcing cycle.

Playin’ on Purpose™ programs provide much needed opportunity for children to be creative and learn in new ways. Specifically, children will learn social skills, self-sufficiency, interaction and independence skills all in a non-competitive environment. Additionally, Playin’ on Purpose™ activities provide topics that are easy for parents to discuss, helping to develop positive family interaction.

All of the programs are educationally aligned. Activities reinforce and enhance key learning concepts in all subject areas using systems that bridge both scientific and artistic exploration making it possible to harness curiosity and playfulness simultaneously in pursuit of learning and creativity.