Programs Offered

LEGO® and K’nex® learning at its best!

Playin’ On Purpose! uses specially designed LEGO® and K’nex Education kits and tools not found in stores to introduce children to the fundamentals of physics and mathematics while encouraging social interaction through team “buddy building”. Children learn about levers, gears, wheels, axels, pulleys — all the components of basic machines and mechanisms (motorized and non-motorized) while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance. We design and construct, we observe and predict, we test and problem solve, all while having fun!

In Brainy Builders, kids can explore their natural talents. Brainy Builders kids learn by building! LEGO Education calls this “constructionism”. Favorite topics such as machines, land air and sea travel, outer space provide the platform for creative building and problem solving activities. In every Brainy Builders class the kids are working with lego education systems that include simple and powered machines! Because LEGO and K'Nex Education tools allow children open-ended problem solving children get curious and with the help of our Brainy teachers children can find answers to their questions. We help them understand concepts in balance, stability, buoyancy, energy and motion; just to name a few!

"Thank you so much for this class! My son just loves you and the class. Wednesdays were always great days because of Brainy Builders!!!!"

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