Our Classes

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Brainy Builders

Using LEGO® and K'Nex® Education sets, Brainy Builder students work together to solve
problems and build solutions. Students learn the fundamentals of physics and mathematics
while encouraging social interaction through team building. Your child will have fun while
learning about levers, gears, pulleys - all the components of basic machines - through projects aimed at grades K-2 and more advanced projects for grades 3-5.


Playball creates a structured environment whereby children in different age groups are exposed to a variety of sport and movement skills, laying the foundation for all sports skills. Each child’s developmental, cognitive, emotional and physical capabilities are taken into consideration to achieve the best results. Because children are such visual learners, each program has creative imagery components making each lesson memorable, exciting and positive. Children love Playball because they are set up to succeed and feel good about themselves!

Yoga Club

The Playin' On Purpose! Yoga Club is specifically designed for boys and girls ages K-5, balancing actively moving exercises with exercises that stress quiet visuals and inner thoughts in kid friendly ways. These techniques are time-tested and used by professional athletes, gymnasts, and countless others throughout the world to build strength, endurance, and increase focus and awareness. These calming techniques taught ON the mat are intended for kids to use OFF the mat.