What are people saying about us? Read some testimonials below, or ask your friends and neighbors at your school. Either way, we always strive to do our best!

"I simply CANNOT express how thrilled we are with your class . . . already! My kids got home yesterday and wanted to teach me. They made connections they have seen me do. My son told me about the ball and breathing (we really work with him on using his breathing to calm down and be aware of his body - he is quite the spirited one)." (About Yoga Club)

"Both my boys are enjoying Brainy Builders SOOOOO much - they look forward to it every week. Wonderful to see children using their spatial skills in such a constructive way. Thank you for this awesome program!!"

"I wanted to let you know that my kids have thoroughly enjoyed the Brainy Builders classes with Ms. Rene. I especially appreciate all of her hard work recapping their projects with summaries and photos of the kids actively participating in the builds. We look forward to the next session and thank you for a great program! Enjoy the holidays! "

"My daughter (name omitted) came home telling us all about the fun she had today in [Yoga Club]. She even held her own yoga class today with her brother and me as the students. We had a great time and she seemed so enthusiastic about it."

"Nathan is THRILLED! He loves LEGO CLub and at the beginning of the summer that was all he was going to miss about school. :) "

"We decided to enroll our son in Brainy Builders™ with the thought of improving his fine motor movement. We did not realize how much he would be learning! This is not just play time, he is learning many concepts from this exceptional curriculum. Working together in teams and enhancing his social skills are added bonuses. We will certainly be enrolling in the next class! Thank you! " (About Brainy Builders)

"He loves it! Thanks for everything you do with him. He loves to be creative and show off his work." (About Brainy Builders)

"... So glad to hear she is participating in all the activities! As you know, she tends to be cautious, which is part of the reason we thought Playball would be good for her. She loves to "practice" what she has learned, and has become very good at kicking, throwing and catching a ball." (About Playball)

"Once again I thank you all for a fantastic program. Playball is the highlight of the week and we love Coach Janet, Coach Dave & Sporty, of course!" (About Playball)

"I just wanted to tell you that my daughter came home from school just GLOWING, RANTING and RAVING about what an AWESOME experience she had in your Yoga class! That was her very first experience with Yoga and I was THRILLED to see just how enthusiastic she is about it. Just wanted to share our enthusiasm and happiness with you . . ." (About Yoga Club)

"Thanks so much for the detailed overview from each of the sessions. It allowed me to spend time talking to Olivia about her session and what she enjoyed most. She often came home to “teach” me her version of the poses — and also liked to “pose” her dolls and stuffed animals. As we do Wii Fit she quickly calls out when she knows a pose. She really enjoyed the classes. Looking forward to next year!" (About Yoga Club)

"I have been meaning to email you for a while now. I wanted to say thank you for giving Gideon the skills to build! He got several LEGO kits, cars, spaceships and things for his birthday this year. I gave him one to build and I kid you not he sat down opened the booklet and the parts and went to town. he was able to put it together on his own in a short period of time. I kid you not! some of them were for older ages and he still had them done in about 15 mins. I know he learned this skills from you and wanted to say thanks for making such a difference in his life! Hope your having a great summer" (About Brainy Builders)

"Alex and Kate love Playball and we can't thank you enough for running such a great program!" (About Playball)